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Patato Flakes

PAT I Turkey’s First Potato Brand

It is a dried powder potato obtained by cooking and drying the potatoes. Easy to make, no need to cook again. It becomes ready to use in a short time by mixing it with hot water.It can be consumed as puree and can be also used easily in all product.

Patato Flour

PAT I Turkey’s First Potato Brand

Potato Flour show itself in bread making, in the production of biscuit – areas.snack type foods, in the production of frozen food (potato croquet), instant soups, children’s food and many other

Patato Soup

PAT I Turkey’s First Potato Brand

It is prepared with 1.5lt water for 100gr.  Although it does not need any extra additives in addition it contains onion powder, parsley powder, tomato powder. It is presented as instant soup in powder form.

Patato Croquettes

PAT I Turkey’s First Potato Brand

PAT Potato Croquette powder, which has a shelf life of 12 months under normal conditions without requiring any special treatment, provides great convenience in transportation and storage as well as 60% saving in costs.


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