About Us

Satüdaş  which was established by the government through Beet Producers Cooperative in Sakarya and Turkey Sugar Factories Inc.  in 1971 , settled in Kaymaklı, Nevşehir region in 1997. Healthy foods are produced by taking a large part of the potatoes grown and stored in Nevşehir. It was taken over by Uluer Group in 2019, increasing its production, packaging and sales speed day by day..

As Satüdaş, we have precious and professional colleagues that are experts in their fields in our organization. We have the title of , “The only company which produces the products with the latest technology, zero-touch and under natural conditions in Turkey.” that produces potato flour and potato flake in the first field.  Besides these, Potato Croquettes and Potato Soup etc. like products are also produced and packaged.


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