Patato Flakes

Patato Flakes are dried powdered potatoes obtained by cooking and drying the potatoes.

Potato Flour

It is a powdered potato that is obtained by milling the potatoes after they are cooked and dried.

Potato Croquettes

PAT Potato Croquette powder, which has a shelf life of 12 months under normal conditions without requiring any special treatment, provides great convenience in transportation and storage as well as a saving in costs up to 60%.

Potato Soup

Potato Soup does not need any extra additives, as well as it contains onion powder, parsley powder, tomato powder. It is presented as a ready-made soup in powder form. ‬‬

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Satüdaş  which was established by the government through Beet Producers Cooperative in Sakarya and Turkey Sugar Factories Inc.  in 1971 , settled in Kaymaklı, Nevşehir region in 1997. Healthy foods are produced by taking a large part of the potatoes grown and stored in Nevşehir. It was taken over by Uluer Group in 2019, increasing its production, packaging and sales speed day by day.

  • What is Pat Potato Flakes? How is it prepared?

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  • What is Pat Potato Flour? Where is it used?

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